9 Top Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Neat and Spotless Wherever You Are 

September 11, 2019

If you see a sparkling clean ride it’s not by accident that it looks that way. The owner has gone to an extra length to ensure the car remains clean all the time. You mightn’t need to visit the car wash and repair shop to keep your vehicle neat and spotless all the time. You might not have to wash the car so many times in a single week to accomplish this with a few useful tips to help you get started.  

  1. Definitely start with regular washing 

There’s no way you can go wrong with regular washing of your car. You can do it alone if it won’t cost you too much time. It’s a critical step in ensuring your car remains spotless and neat most of the time. Don’t forget to keep the car rinsed well using water. 

  1. Mind the car’s glass

It’s so easy for the glass of the car, including the windows, to get dusty and untidy faster almost immediately after washing the vehicle. Ensure you always have proper glass cleaners to regularly clean them. Applying car wax on the glass also ensures it’s protected from water and that dead bugs don’t stick on the glass or car body. 

  1. Protective car wax coating 

Having a protective coat on your car really helps keep it neat. Car wax is still the best though it varies on the level of protectiveness, shine duration and cost. Even worse, lots of car owners have no idea how to apply it. In most cases, expensive or inexpensive car wax still works as far as they’re well applied on cars. Gather the proper tools needed for car wax application to always do a proper job. 

  1. Car leather interior and tyres

Once they’ve been washed, car leather interiors and tyres will look greet if some extra finish was applied to keep them spotless for some time. Find a quality all-purpose cleaner to finish the dark or black car interiors. For tyres, make them blacker and striking by using some quality tyre cleaners, including going for UV protective tyre dressings, among other treatments. 

  1. Protective wax finishes 

Waxing as already mentioned does create a buffer that protects the car’s glass and body paint. Even so, you need to ensure that quality car wax applicators are used, such as sponges and microfiber towels to leave behind a unique shine. In case of car body scratches that have refused to disappear paint sealant can help or even normal toothpaste, depending on the level of the scratch. Car cover can also ensure a newly applied wax is protected even if it’s a disposable, inexpensive, lightweight vehicle cover. 

  1. House the vehicle as it should 

The garage has and will always be the perfect place to keep your car protected from all manner of things that could affect it. In most cases, vehicles aren’t housed in garages since they’re required throughout the day to run errands. In the process, anything could happen from some rain wetting the vehicle, hot rays of sunlight scorching the car’s body and glass, hit by heavy hails and rain or simply scratched by something along the street. Drive it inside the garage to keep it spotless and neat as possible. 

  1. Keep car’s interior organised 

Even after cleaning the car’s interior using the best cleaner it doesn’t mean it’ll remain neat and spotless as much as you want. The interior of the car might be full of clutter and lots of mess that even polishing the outside doesn’t really add much to the overall cleanliness. As such, to keep your car clean for the longest time requires that you keep it organised and de-cluttered on the inside. Remove trash, paper mess and plastic items. Ensure carpets, covers and mats are cleaned and basically everything. If your car is de-cluttered and trash removed the interior can be considered neat.

  1. How’s the vehicle maintenance 

A glossy car wax polish keeps your car looking great all the time. It’s not hard to maintain but once it’s done the sparkle, neatness and spotlessness will be maintained. A waxed car is so easy to keep neat using a dry and clean microfiber cloth or towel daily. Where wiping cannot be done or the car got rained on, find a dry towel and a wet towel plus water in a bucket without any soap to do the job. Using the wet towel wipe the car clean and dry it using the dry clean towel, a process that should be repeated the same way on the windshield and car windows. 

  1. Car floor and seats 

Even after de-cluttering and removing trash the car floor and the seats might still require some work. Using a vacuum cleaner tidy up seat covers ensuring all crevices and corners are covered. All the dirt and murk on the floor of the car should be cleaned as well until the original hue of the car carpet or mat has returned. If you must, ensure seat covers, carpets and mats are changed. Rubber car floor mats can be washed normally with water and soap and dried before laying them back inside the automobile. 

Keep your car clean, neat and spotless all the time can be consuming and excruciating every so often. If you cannot do it on your own affordable car maintenance and cleaning service can help you get a head start.

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