Cameras for Wing Mirrors-Honda’s New Replacement in Future High-Tech Electric Motors

Car manufacturer Honda will be using quality cameras to replace car wing mirrors in their line of future top-notch electric motors. All the electric e-car models by the Japanese carmaker will be [...]

Here’s How to Select the Most Ideal Car Body Repair Shop 

 It’s really hard to avoid collisions even if you’re the most careful and road-conscious driver in the UK. Someone could just knock about your vehicle while doing a really normal turn. No one [...]

9 Top Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Neat and Spotless Wherever You Are 

If you see a sparkling clean ride it’s not by accident that it looks that way. The owner has gone to an extra length to ensure the car remains clean all the time. You mightn’t need to visit the [...]

Electrical Car Charging Investment in Local Authorities Doubled Up by the Government

 Across the UK, electric vehicle (EV) charging points are more than 13,000, which represents an increase of over five times since 2011. Even so, the number is still insufficient with petrol [...]

Unsettling Things You Should Know Your Car Will Probably Do this Summer 

We all look forward to summer but the warm months can also be unforgiving to vehicles. With Europe facing the most exacting temperatures, hot sun and humidity and typical summer busy traffic the [...]

Cut Cost with Easy Textured Plastic Bumper Repair on Your Own 

Lots of car makers are using textured bumpers more than ever in the process complicating the process of repair. When these textured bumpers are damaged, in most cases mechanics don’t just repair [...]


The contract to carry out work detailed on an Estimate is between the Customer and RS Scuff ’N’ Buff : no term hereof shall be enforceable by a third party (as defined in the Contracts (Rights of [...]


Top Postcodes Worst Hit by Car Vandalism in the UK. Are You at Risk?

In a recent study of the claims made by an insurance company, the worst areas hit by intentional car damage were revealed. In the analysis, it was concluded that of every four drivers in the UK, [...]


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