Save on expensive
end-of-lease charges

End of lease charges can be catch you by surprise and be can be an added expense you were not looking for. These prices are often much higher than getting it fixed independently.

Your vehicle may look in good condition, but it’s recommended that you get a BVRLA certified expert to look over your vehicle to indicate any areas that will be picked up on when returning your vehicle.

We can save you money by identifying any repairs prior to return of your vehicle, after being quality checked and any repairs made.

Car Vandal Damage Repair Essex

RS Scuff ‘n’ Buff
are BVRLA Trained

BVRLA training means we can give you, or your business, an idea of the possibility of any charges when your vehicle is handed back.

We fully assess your vehicle for cosmetic damage ensure that it means that standards required.



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End of Lease Car Inspection Process

book appointment

Book appointment

Book an appointment with our expert team preferably within 2 weeks before your hand over to allow time for repairs.



Our BVRLA trained experts will look at your vehicle and identify any defect which could result in charges from your lease company, if any.

Car Completion

Repair (if required)

We can book your car in for repair to repair any cosmetic damage on your vehicle before returning to your leasing company.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    A very fast and efficient service Rob was very helpful and nothing was to much trouble. I had a few scratches to my back bumper which he has made good as new. My car is back to showroom standards.

    Robin AD Smith
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Took my car in to Rob after I managed to reverse it into a wall and couldn't be happier with the work he and the team carried out. It's as good as new and all completed in the timeframe he estimated and at a great price too. Professional, courteous and helpful guys I really couldn't recommend them more highly

    Rob Spall
  • Had a repair done to my Kia sportage today. Great service quite a deep area of paintwork damage done and was done within a few hours after dropping off. Was quoted over £1000 by an acccident repair garage in Braintree referred by Kia who said I needed a new bumper etc etc and Rob did a great job for £200. Would highly recommend. Thanks

    karen Mitchell
  • Had some bumper work completed - seriously impressed! Spotless, affordable and brilliant cust service too helping me out looking after the car until the snow melted. Would highly recommend

    Sally Thornley
  • Good speedy service with both quotation and work. Courtesy car bonus and bumper back to its former glory. Would definitely recommend.

    Vivien Cherry
  • Excellent communication from start to finish. Great price and fantastic results on front and rear bumpers. Friendly and tidy. Thoroughly recommend!

    Ruth Westbrook
  • Great result -- repair made my bumper as good as new for a lot less than a main dealer -- Nigel

    Nigel Orange

Frequently asked End of Lease Inspection Questions

What counts as fair wear and tear on my lease vehicle?

Fair wear and tear occurs during normal usage of the vehicle which causes deterioation to the vehicle. This is not the same as damage, which is a result of an event or impact, stowing items and harsh treatment. This also includes negligent acts or omissions.

When should I bring my car in to be appraised?

We advise that you should bring the car in for an appraisal approx. 6 weeks before the vehicle is due for return. This will allow you to arrange to have any unacceptable wear and tear rectified.

Should I wash the car before hand?

Yes! Before appraising the vehicle, make sure that it has been washed and is thoroughly clean but remember to allow time for it to dry. Water on the paintwork can mask faults.

What do you inspect?

We inspect the cosmetic condition of the vehicle bodywork, wheels and trims. All other elements of the vehicle condition should be assessed independently.

What happens if you find damage on the car?

If upon inspection of the car we will advise the best course of action. Based upon our understanding of the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard there are 3 classifications of repair.

  • Essential Repair– This is where the damage is outside the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard , and to avoid charges , it must be rectified. 
  •  Desirable Repair– This type of damage might not be considered as minor, as permitted by wear and tear, but a leasing company may assess it as chargeable.
How can I avoid charges on my leased car?

Your RS Scuff’n’Buff Fair Wear & Tear Inspection will cover the cosmetic condition of the vehicle bodywork and wheels. Be aware that on return to the leasing company, other elements of the vehicle condition, some listed below, may be assessed and potentially generate charges where the vehicle does not meeting the required standard or condition. Please check the specific returns details of your lease policy.

  • Inspect lamps, lenses, windows and mirrors for chips, cracks and holes.
  • Check the tyres (including spare) for damage. Check that the wear on the tread across each tyre is even, and within the legal limit.
  • Clean and valet the interior.
  • Check upholstered areas for odours, tears, burns, stains and wear.
  • Inspect all controls, including audio equipment and accessories – they should be present and fully functional.
  • Ensure the vehicle has been serviced according to the schedule, and the service book is stamped
  • Check the vehicle mileage, and reduce your daily mileage to stay within you limit.
  • Ensure you have both sets of keys.
  • Remove any badges or decals you may have added ( when removing there may be a difference in paint colour that has to be rectified before you return the vehicle.)
  • Check that all the equipment supplied with the vehicle is still present (spare wheel, emergency triangle, jack, locking wheel nut etc )

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