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Up goes your mileage, down goes the effectiveness of your headlights.

Unfortunately, headlight lenses are under a strain from ultra violet rays from the sun, volatile compounds which come from surrounding exhausts, and road dirt etc, which can erode and scratch the transparent headlight casing causing your lenses to turn a discoloured yellow ,or have a foggy effect. This has a negative effect on the strength of the beam and eventually lead to an MOT failure.
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Using the latest techniques and technology we can fully restore your headlights without the need to replace them. Get a free estimation today.

We firstly, prepare your headlights by decontaminating and thoroughly cleaning the lense. The surrounding area will then be masked off and papered up so only the lenses are exposed.

Then we remove the oxidised parts of your lenses so it is back to a smooth surface. We will use different grades of sand paper, from coarse to fine, removing any yellow/foggy pitting particles which will leave is with an even frosted surface.

We then use ultra fine wet and dry paper (3000 grip) to ensure that all minor scratches from previous sandpaper are now completely gone. We make sure we do this long enough so the clarity of the lenses are at their highest level.

Lastly, we polish your headlights to bring back the shine for a crystal clear finish.
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OUR Headlight restoration REPAIR PROCESS


We give you a price based on information and imagery that you send to us.

BOOK YOUR vehicle IN

We’ll work with you to book a time in for your vehicle that best suits you.


We’ll complete the work and inspect your paintwork to ensure a perfect finish.


We’ll let you know once your car has been completed and is ready for collection.


What will happen at the inspection?

During the inspection, any damage that in our opinion is identified as being outside of the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Standard will be advised to you, along with appropriate lease repairs method, and estimate of price, should you want us to repair any damage. RS Scuff’n’Buff are able to complete most of these repairs – usually in less than a day and at up to 50% less than a conventional body shop using the SMART repair process., and significantly cheaper than the cost to hand the vehicle back with the damage still present .

Why have my headlights turned yellow and appear foggy?

Headlights were originally made with glass, but this fragile material made them prone to cracking and shattering. Over the years, car manufacturers have moved to making headlights from polycarbonate — it’s a hard type of plastic that’s been specifically tempered to resist shattering. While this type of plastic is strong, it is notoriously porous and can collect grime and dirt easily, They then added  a UV film to protect the lens and extend its life. This coating works well for a few years but begins to degrade over time. From constant exposure to UV rays, the direct heat of the bulb and the harsh chemicals and debris a vehicle encounters on the road, your headlights are constantly being worn down, discoloured and scratched which creates the foggy or yellowed look

Why are foggy and cloudy headlights a problem?

Cloudy lenses are not just a cosmetic concern; it can also be one of safety. Foggy headlights can greatly reduce the overall light output and road coverage of the bulbs. They can also reduce your visibility to other vehicles on the road, not to mention pedestrians. The less you can see at night, in fog or in harsh weather means more accidents, as foggy headlights can reduce the light output by as much as 50 percent

If my headlights are cloudy or foggy will I fail my MOT?

Yes, if the headlights are discoloured and foggy, your vehicle can fail an MOT

How long does it take?

We can restore your headlights for you in a few hours.


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