Headlight Restoration

Up goes your mileage, down goes the effectiveness of your headlights.


Unfortunately headlight lenses are under a strain from ultra violet rays from the sun, volatile compounds which come from surrounding exhausts, and road dirt etc,  which can erode and scratch the transparent headlight casing causing your lenses to turn a discoloured yellow ,or have a foggy effect. This has a negative effect on the strength of the beam and eventually lead to an MOT failure.

Go back some years and replacing the headlight was your only option . NOT ANY MORE!!  Here at RS Scuff N Buff we can bring your headlights back to their original look.

1. Prepare


We would start by decontaminating and thoroughly cleaning the lense. The surrounding area will then be masked off and papered up so only the lenses are exposed.


2. Remove oxidised surface


We remove the oxidised parts of your lenses so it is back to a smooth surface. We will use different grades of sand paper, from coarse to fine, removing any yellow/foggy pitting particles which will leave is with an even frosted surface.

3. Wet and Dry


We will now be using ultra fine wet and dry paper (3000 grip) to ensure that all minor scratches from previous sandpaper are now completely gone. We make sure we do this long enough so the clarity of the lenses are at their highest level.

4 Polish


We use the highest- grade polishing compounds available on the market, in this case it will be cutting compound. At this stage the cutting compound will bring your lenses to a crystal clear finish. Now you have your headlights back to their former glory and money in your pocket.


Illuminate your life, make the right choice…Repair, don’t replace !

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    A very fast and efficient service Rob was very helpful and nothing was to much trouble. I had a few scratches to my back bumper which he has made good as new. My car is back to showroom standards.

    Robin AD Smith
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Took my car in to Rob after I managed to reverse it into a wall and couldn't be happier with the work he and the team carried out. It's as good as new and all completed in the timeframe he estimated and at a great price too. Professional, courteous and helpful guys I really couldn't recommend them more highly

    Rob Spall
  • Had a repair done to my Kia sportage today. Great service quite a deep area of paintwork damage done and was done within a few hours after dropping off. Was quoted over £1000 by an acccident repair garage in Braintree referred by Kia who said I needed a new bumper etc etc and Rob did a great job for £200. Would highly recommend. Thanks

    karen Mitchell
  • Had some bumper work completed - seriously impressed! Spotless, affordable and brilliant cust service too helping me out looking after the car until the snow melted. Would highly recommend

    Sally Thornley
  • Good speedy service with both quotation and work. Courtesy car bonus and bumper back to its former glory. Would definitely recommend.

    Vivien Cherry
  • Excellent communication from start to finish. Great price and fantastic results on front and rear bumpers. Friendly and tidy. Thoroughly recommend!

    Ruth Westbrook
  • Great result -- repair made my bumper as good as new for a lot less than a main dealer -- Nigel

    Nigel Orange

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