Here’s How to Select the Most Ideal Car Body Repair Shop 

October 5, 2019

 It’s really hard to avoid collisions even if you’re the most careful and road-conscious driver in the UK. Someone could just knock about your vehicle while doing a really normal turn. No one knows when this could happen. For those whose vehicles are insured, all the repair costs will most likely be catered for by the insurer. Even so, just agreeing with a vehicle repair shop recommended by the insurer could cost you. On face value, it might look alright, but the final repairs might be infuriatingly low-down. 

Here are a few pointers to help you select the most ideal auto body repair professional your ride deserves. 

What’s your gut telling you?

You might have carried out due diligence and thought you’ve the most ideal car body repair shop, but your gut feeling is saying the opposite. In such a scenario, it might be better to just leave and find another eligible repairer. In most cases, a gut feeling is a warning that refuses to settle well with you about something, which can be anything from customer complaints or questionable expertise. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye if you can on the car repair shop. If customers are a good number and the place is busy chances are they do great auto body repairs and lots of people are satisfied with them. Don’t just stick with a cheaper car body repair since you want to save some money. It could cost you in the long run. 

Note that most of the shops require professional, highly sophisticated equipment that’s also costly. As such, the cost can never be really cheap unless there’s something wrong somewhere. Use quality of work done, service and price estimates to know if you need to go with a specific shop. Do request information on repair materials to be used. 

Who’s offering the service?

Really research the auto body shop offering the service. Know their record in carrying out repairs and seek to find out their experience and how long the company has been in business. Testimonials and a great track record are non-negotiable. Rather than your vehicle looking sharp again it might end up much uglier with bloated body parts. Talk to co-workers, friends and family for recommendations and helpful estimation on a quality auto body shop. Speak with the shop’s attendants and seek to know how they intend to complete the repairs. 

What’s the cost of repair?

Don’t just be satisfied with any car body shop since the insurer is paying for everything. Do request price quotes and estimates. You can even collect or request the information from the body shop website. Also request information on time frame and how long you need to wait for repairs to be complete. There’s absolutely no reason why it should take weeks or months.  Also, request details on equipment used by the service provider in their repairs. Sophisticated, top quality equipment in most cases mean very little wait-time and a quality job. 

Who are the technicians doing the real work?

It doesn’t hurt to know how the technicians involved in the real repair work approach their work and whether they really know what they’re doing. In a business where technicians have been around for years it could mean that their experience is something worth considering. You could call the car repair shop to ask questions and weigh the response of the employees, their professionalism and civility. If you have to wait long to speak with them you might want to be careful with the shop. 

Check certificates showcased on the walls of the repair shop for licenses from where you can know when the establishment was launched and whether they’ve received any accolades locally or regionally. All these can also be found on the website of the automotive body repair shop if the business has nothing to hide. 

 Location does matter

Sometimes choosing a car body repair shop so far away has its demerits. You won’t be able to do a physical visit with ease or check the progress of the repairs whenever you can. A local shop is more ideal since they want to create a thriving business with locally found return customers. Some actually offer after sales services and great customer experience to make sure you always think about them first when you need to repair your car. 

Source recommendation from a mechanic 

If you’ve a favourite mechanic you trust and used for years it’s almost expected he’ll be the first to turn to for the most ideal car body repair shop. You might be given a few names to check out. While their word might be all it takes you should still carry out some effective due diligence on their information. Seek to know if repair warranties are a part of the body repair shop guarantees. 

Watch out for hourly rates

Do expect some auto body repair shops to charge their customers by the hour. The overheads of the business, such as lots of employees or prime location with expensive rent could compel the establishment to charge an exorbitant hourly rate. To avoid expensive pricing, work with a local repair shop. 

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