Terms Of Business

The contract to carry out work detailed on an Estimate is between the Customer and RS Scuff ’N’ Buff : no term hereof shall be enforceable by a third party (as defined in the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (under the provisions of the Act).


  1. Estimates

Any Estimate provided by RS Scuff’N’Buff by photo or over the phone,  prior to inspection of the damage is indicative only and subject to revision. Once the vehicle has been inspected you will be provided with a written Estimate (or a revised Estimate if you already have one) which will be an offer to carry out repairs to the damage indicated at the price stated. The Customer’s agreement to proceed with the repairs constitutes acceptance of that offer and forms a binding legal contract incorporating these Terms of Business. Estimates are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issue unless otherwise agreed by RS Scuff’N’Buff. 

A non-refundable deposit may be required by the customer to RS Scuff ‘N’ Buff upon booking to secure your booking.

If parts are required they must be paid upfront by the customer to RS Scuff ‘N’ Buff prior to ordering.


  1. Booking Date 

Shall be the date on which RS Scuff’N’Buff confirms the arrangements, including the cost, date, time and location for the work indicated on the Estimate to take place.   


  1. Cancellation rights

You have the right to cancel this contract and you may exercise this right sending an email to us, or by phone call at any time within fourteen days of the Booking date.

If you authorise RS Scuff’n’Buff to commence work within fourteen days of the Booking Date, you still have the right to cancel this contract, but you must pay for the value of the service that is provided up to the point of cancellation, as above. 

If the service has been completed, in full, within fourteen (14) days of the Booking Date, the right to cancel will be lost and the full payment must be made to RS Scuff’n’Buff.


  1. ADAS – Recalibration

If your vehicle is fitted with ADAS, vehicle manufacturers specify that ADAS systems may require recalibration following repair work to ensure that the ADAS system continues to operate.   We will advise you as an advisory that your vehicle has or may have ADAS fitted. For the avoidance of doubt we do not complete ADAS recalibration services within the repair. You will need to arrange recalibration with your dealership network or we can recommend a third-party company to perform this recalibration.  If recalibration is required, it is your sole responsibility to ensure this work is carried out in a timely manner at your cost.


  1. Repair Location

Repairs are completed at our address 17 Oyster place.Montrose Road, Chelmsford, CM2 6TX.


  1. Repairs

RS Scuff’n’Buff agrees to carry out the Repair(s) indicated on the Estimate. If it becomes clear that, in the opinion of RS Scuff’n’Buff, that further work is necessary to complete the Repair(s), the customer’s agreement and authorisation will be obtained before any further work is carried out that would increase the price on the Estimate. If such authorisation is not given, RS Scuff’n’Buff reserves the right not to continue with the Repair(s). In these circumstances the full Estimate price remains payable by the Customer. Further work that does not increase the Estimate price can be carried out without the requirement for customer authorisation. 


No repairs will be identical to an automotive factory finish, which is machine sprayed to tolerances beyond human capability: no repair will be ‘like new’. RS Scuff’n’Buff discharges its obligations under any repair agreement by providing a good quality, hand completed aftermarket repair. In normal circumstances, such a repair is unlikely to be detected by a casual examination of the vehicle by an untrained observer unaware of the previous damage location. 

 End of lease inspectors may, as trained experts in their field, be able to identify repairs, we cannot guarantee passing inspection from a trained vehicle assessor specifically looking for repairs either visually or by method of using a paint depth gauge. We take no responsibility for onward charges levied by lease companies

The RS Scuff’n’Buff Smart repair system includes elements (including but not limited to factory paint reproduction information) that are provided by a third party. The finish, including but not limited to, colour match, may be approximate only when limitations of such third party elements prevent a more precise finish. In such a case, an approximate finish will be considered to constitute a good quality repair. 


It is the responsibility of the customer prior to the start of any repair to advise RS Scuff’n’Buff of any non-original finish to any areas on the vehicle, including but not limited to repairs to previous damage and re-sprays. In the case of incompatibility with a non-original finish (whether or not notified by the customer) RS Scuff’n’Buff has the right to void this contract. In these circumstances, RS Scuff’n’Buff will not be obliged to complete or rectify any Repair(s) and the customer will not be obliged to make payment. RS Scuff’n’Buff has the right to void this contract, in the circumstances stated above, even if the Customer is not aware of any non original finishes to the vehicle. 


 You will be given an approximate timescale for the repair upon booking – please note we do our utmost to keep to these timescales – however we accept no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the repair process. If the repair is likely to exceed the approximate timescale then we will inform you as soon as possible. Certain types of repair can also be unpredictable in timescales if they require considerable re-shaping (for example large dents).


  1. Improvements

Touch in’s for stone chips and any other work identified on the Estimate as an Improvement does not constitute a Repair and will not be undetectable against the original finish. The level of improvement is not guaranteed. 



RS Scuff’n’Buff guarantee Repairs to the vehicle for the owner of the vehicle whilst that person remains the owner of the vehicle. The guarantee is that the finish will not degrade due to the paint being improperly mixed or applied by RS Scuff’n’Buff. 

No guarantee of any sort is offered against damage or deterioration to the finish in the following ways:

a). By any corrosion or rust (whether or not it was evident before the repair was carried out;) b). Failure of the surface to which the repair is applied (i.e. as the result of a previous aftermarket repair)

c). Further accident or damage caused  (including but not limited to stone chipping)

 d). Incorrect aftercare, ignoring advice supplied upon completion of the Repair(s), including but not limited to washing the vehicle within 7 days of completion of work, the use of corrosive cleaning agents etc.


The guarantee is not transferable. 

Any refund or liability shall be limited to a maximum of the value indicated for the repair on the Estimate or Invoice. 

Claims made under the RS Scuff’n’Buff guarantee shall be referred to Rob Slade,who has the right to repeat the repair. If this is not possible, the right to a price reduction (not necessarily the full invoice value) will be considered .


Rectification attempts by you or a 3rd party are not covered without prior written consent from us.


If RS Scuff’n’Buff for any reason cannot carry out the service again and are unable to reach an agreement for a price reduction, the claim should then be referred to Jane Freeman         ( info@rsscuffnbuff.co.uk)  who is the customer liaison and she will try to resolve the matter. We are a member of the National Body Repair Association and we are required to comply with the Consumer Code of Practice, our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction. 


  1. Payment

Payment is due in full upon completion of the Repair. Payment may be made by ,debit card, credit card ,cash or any other method agreed with RS Scuff’n’Buff. We regret we are unable to process payment by American Express.Any Repairs that are to be paid by a Third Party must be paid at least a day prior to  the repair date, or a date agreed with RS Scuff’nBuff. 


If we have agreed to accept payment on an Insurance basis then payment will be required within 30 days of completion of the repair,and we require an agreement in writing from the Insurance company prior to the booking of the repair.


Any refund must be made by the same means of payment as used to pay for the Service. 

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