Top Postcodes Worst Hit by Car Vandalism in the UK. Are You at Risk?

August 8, 2019

In a recent study of the claims made by an insurance company, the worst areas hit by intentional car damage were revealed. In the analysis, it was concluded that of every four drivers in the UK, one has had their vehicle deliberately impaired. Most revealing was that the areas had hit were not concentrated in a specific place but evenly spread across the country. For instance, some Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester and London neighbourhoods were found to be the worst car vandalism hotspots in the UK. 

Worst hit postcodes 

EH11 Edinburgh postcode ranks first on the worst affected postcodes mostly around the areas of Sighthill, Dalry and Gorgie. NG15 in Nottingham is the second on the list, particularly in Newstead, Ravenshead and Hucknall sections. London’s Walthamstow E17 follows closely as well as M27 in Manchester covering areas of Agecroft, Swinton, Wardley, Pendlebury and Clifton.  

The top ten vandalism-prone postcodes in the UK include:

  • NG15 Nottingham 
  • EH11 Edinburgh 
  • E17 Walthamstow in London 
  • M27 Manchester 
  • AB11 Aberdeen 
  • E14 Canary Wharf in London 
  • BS16 Bristol 
  • RG22 Basingstoke 
  • ME18 Maidstone 
  • SO16 Southampton 

Deliberate car damage 

Car vandalism has affected about 27% of UK drivers who have had their vehicles damaged deliberately. The interesting thing is that even with the price tag and agony that follows, out of six drivers one felt like vindictively vandalizing another person’s car. In fact, 33% of respondents in the study would have selected a neighbour’s ride to vandalise with 28% admitting they would have vandalised an ex lover’s car. 


Not everyone is inclined to avenge acts of vandalism per se although 19% of respondents in the study would not mind if a few British celebrities suffered such deliberate damage. Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins were voted the top celebrities Brits would love to see their vehicles vandalised at 15%, followed by Jeremy Corbyn at 12%, Jeremy Clarkson at 11% and Theresa May at 11%. 


Car vandalism could take place anywhere

According to car insurance experts, the study elaborately shows vehicle vandalism isn’t stereotypical and could take place anywhere and affect anyone. In trying to ascertain the top most affected locations, the onus shifts to vehicle owners to be mindful of their surroundings and know that it could happen to them anywhere, particularly in these 10 UK locations.


The study also sought to help law enforcement on the local level to know where to hit hard and kerb deliberate vehicle damage. Whether an ex-lover or a famous face you’re disheartened by, there will never be any excuse to sabotage anyone’s car or property. For those who have never been affected, car vandalism seems like a petty crime but the impact on those affected isn’t just monetary but far-reaching. 


How to protect your car from vandalism 

  • Invest in CCTV: The first thing a person does when they realise there’s a camera recording the proceedings is to be wary. It’s a great deterrence tool and what you might turn to when it comes to helping the authorities apprehend a culprit.  


  • Mind where you park: Always park your car in a well-lit environment in case you don’t have a garage, safe parking or driveway. 


  • Engage your neighbours: It’s hard trying to know your neighbours in modern Britain but it helps. Take time to know those who live around you and be in good terms. When you’re not around they’ll raise alarm if your car or property is attacked and even actively ward off the wreckers. They’ll notify you of any suspicious activity just like you would. 


Have you insured your car? It’s possible that vandalism could happen to you when you’re least prepared and the cover might become your saving grace. 


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