What is a SMART repair ?

May 7, 2019

The SMART acronym describes the type of work carried out.

S – Small
M – Medium
A – Area
R – Repair
T – Technology

The SMART system is designed to provide a quick and cost effective repair to an area of cosmetic damage. It is designed to tackle the damage in a small localised area, meaning it will take less time and effort to repair. It should also generally be less expensive, as the repair is confined to a smaller space.

Scuffing or denting your car can be a real pain. You saved up for ages to buy your favourite car and have driven carefully to build up your No Claim Discount. Now you’re going to have to shell out a big chunk of money to fix the damage or make a claim on your insurance. Or are you?

How do SMART repairs work?

The work that needs to be done will depend on the damage to your car. If you have a small dent that hasn’t affected the paintwork, paintless dent removal (PDR) could be used. This is where the damaged area is gently massaged out. If your paintwork has been damaged then filler and paint is required. The damaged area is sanded and then filled , re shaped in some cases, before being dried with heaters The whole area is then rubbed down before being spray painted, lacquered and polished up so it looks as good as new. SMART technicians can match up the colour of your paint to the original and this means there’s no need to repaint the entire car, which can be very costly .

If your car is damaged it is often covered by your insurance. Check your Insurance to find out exactly what you are covered for . Often damage occurs while your car is parked , 91% of people who hit cars in car parks don’t leave a note with their details on. If you don’t know who damaged your car, it will be classed as a fault claim so you’ll have to pay the excess shown on your Schedule and you could lose your No Claim Discount. This is where SMART repairs can be a great option. The cost of the repair may be less than your excess so you might prefer not to make a claim.

SMART repairs can be a good alternative to going through a dealership or paying for expensive bodyshop services. If you need to sort out any damage to your car, it’s a good idea to weigh up your options, and choose the best one for you and your finances.

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