Cameras for Wing Mirrors-Honda’s New Replacement in Future High-Tech Electric Motors

October 15, 2019

Car manufacturer Honda will be using quality cameras to replace car wing mirrors in their line of future top-notch electric motors. All the electric e-car models by the Japanese carmaker will be the first globally to inculcate such feature across the board. 

The cameras for wing mirrors feature follows in-step with Honda’s new move to see all their vehicles running on electric technology by 2025. 

Dashboard display 

On the car’s dashboard, a large display screen will be showing images from the camera while the new system will be smart enough to allow switching from wide to normal views for all drivers. With the feature, Honda is seeking to ensure blind spots have been lowered by a minimum 10%. To ensure rain doesn’t block the vision, a coating that’s repellent to water will be specially used. 

Other carmakers such as German’s Audi have already included such camera functionality in their e-tron car range though as an optional feature. 

With the screen towards the top of car door corners, Honda seeks to make sure that the new camera system maintains a modern and tidy design with the doors hugged by not so big or too small camera pods. 

 It has also been ascertained that drag will be lowered by 90% with the use of cameras rather than wing mirrors, which will enhance the efficiency of the car. 

The electric car’s e-compact is celebrated by Honda as a huge step for the carmaker in new technology and modern design and a key move to ensure electrified technology is a part of all Honda cars selling and available in European countries by 2025. 


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