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With Vandal damage becoming more and more frequent, we are seeing more and more cars that have been keyed the whole way down the side of their car. We at RS Scuff N Buff can take away the inconvenience of potentially losing your car for days on end at a traditional body shop, and repair the side of your car in a day.
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The scratches are sanded down, filled (if needed) primed, resprayed, and blended as far as is necessary, again only painting the damaged area. Using our state of the art paint colour matching system and SMARTRE-FLEX booth we can ensure that you will never know the vandal damage had ever happened.

The booth is ideal for larger for spraying the side of cars. It has an exhaust fan providing string airflow and constant fume extraction and the Andreae filter captures overspray with 99.1% efficiency . Using the booth enables us to repair more than one panel of a car at a time, and ensures we get a top quality finish every time.
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We give you a price based on information and imagery that you send to us.


We’ll work with you to book a time in for your vehicle that best suits you.


We’ll complete the work and inspect your paintwork to ensure a perfect finish.


We’ll let you know once your car has been completed and is ready for collection.

Frequently Asked Car
Vandal Repairs Questions

I have been keyed down the side of my car…can you repair it ?

Yes we can.

First of all we would see if the scratch marks have broken the paint. If we find they haven’t then we can sand and polish the scratches out, without need to repaint the panels, therefore saving you money. This is always our first option.

If the scratches have broken through the paint, then we would have to re paint the damaged area, and re lacquer the whole panel, and adjacent panels in some cases.

Am I covered by my insurance?

When an act of vandalism takes place, the situation becomes less clear, than if it was a non fault accident. Car vandalism is considered an at-fault claim because the vandal is often unidentifiable, and your car insurer won’t be able to cover costs from them.

It’s better to check with your insurer as you are likely to lose some of your no-claims discount if you make a claim with some insurers, and it may be cheaper for you in the long run not to make a claim.

Can you repair the whole side of my car?

Yes we can.

We use a state of the art  paint colour matching system and with our retractable SMART repair booth, we will ensure you will never know the damage was ever there.

How long does it take?

We can repair the side of your car in one day, unlike traditional body shops where you would lose your car for days on end.

We offer a courtesy car service whilst you wait should you need the use of a vehicle whilst the repairs are taking place.

Can you match my car colour?

We never use stock paint, which is almost never the same batch of paint that was used in painting the vehicle, and could, therefore, be visibly a slightly different colour. We use computer assisted mixing on-site to create a paint to match the panel we are painting, ensuring the best possible colour match.

My car is a 3 stage colour can you repair it?

Unlike many other repairers, we can and do provide repairs to metallic, pearl, mica and combination effect finishes. (3 and 4 stage) .


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