July 4, 2019

Across the UK, over 1,859 car parking scrapes and collisions take place a day and over 675,000 annually with a cost of over £1.4 billion to drivers and car owners. While lots of accidents in auto parks aren’t really severe, they still damage cars and cause worry and anxiety. The worst thing is accidents have been on the rise and expensive every time. 

 No one wants their cars scraped, damaged or having to deal with expensive repairs. You can actually avoid it easily. 

Don’t rush 

You can always expect to see people rush into parking their vehicles. To avoid scraping your car take some time to slowly and smoothly park your car. Most drivers dealing with scrapes will tell you they rushed into open spaces way too fast. Parking at a slow pace allows you to park the right way; you’ve a little time to avoid errors. 

Find correct parking space 

Most drivers are always in a hurry of some sort and want try to push their vehicles into all manner of parking spaces. For some, when the elements aren’t too kind they want to park their cars near the exit as possible. However, parking your vehicle in the wrong space usually leads to some scraping, accident or both. For instance, if you rushed your vehicle into two parking spaces another car might find it hard to park correctly pushing and scraping your vehicle as a result. 

Take in the surroundings 

Even if you’ve been parking there for years always open your eyes and take some time to understand the surroundings. Note the happenings around the parking. If you’ve passengers with you do tell them to look around too and see whether the parking is going on well or if there’s any issue of concern. In the process you can be you’ll park professionally and you won’t scrape anyone’s vehicle whether they appear immediately out of nowhere or not. 

Don’t just park next to any vehicle 

Before you park or leave the parking make a conscious decision to look at the vehicles next to you. In case you realise you’re about to park next to a badly-maintained scraped car you might want to rethink your decision. Do park elsewhere next to a car that’s well maintained and shows no damage or careless driving. Anyone who doesn’t take good care of their vehicles might open doors carelessly or take-off roughly scraping your car. 

Sometimes you might not be able to do much about your surroundings, especially when you leave the parking. Even so, always be alert, take your time and consciously resolve to park carefully. In the process you’ll be able to avoid scrapes and expensive repairs. 

However, if you find that your car has been damaged somewhat or scraped, simply allow a specialist to take care of the dents and scratches. Failure to do so could be expensive over time and will lower the value of your car and its overall appearance. 

Also don’t forget we are here at the heart of Chelmsford just one phone call away if you need any help.

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